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we know what your daily business life looks like.

We have the strong conviction that having a bookkeeper is at the bottom of the entrepreneur’s Maslow pyramide and should therefore be a norm. Here are some reasons why:

Hiring a bookkeeper should not be a luxury for a small company, but a given. Are you with us on that? Ready, set, go!

let us deal with your bookkeeping



  • Max 10 mutations/month
  • Access to the invoicing portal
  • Answers to all your questions via our collaborative board
  • Communication with the Belastingdienst
  • Full monthly bookkeeping administration and control
  • VAT declarations
  • Annual balance sheet
  • Annual profit & loss statement
  • Annual individual income tax declaration (simple)

the no-brainer choice, designed for owners of starting or small (even KOR) businesses with low admin complexity, limited number of transactions but lots of questions.



  • Max 20 mutations/month
  • Access to the invoicing portal
  • Answers to all your questions via our collaborative board
  • Communication with the Belastingdienst
  • Full weekly bookkeeping administration and control
  • VAT/ICP declarations
  • Annual balance sheet
  • Annual profit & loss statement
  • 1 mid-year review consultation
  • 1 consultation about the income tax declaration
  • Annual individual income tax declaration (simple)

the comfortable choice, designed for mature entrepreneurs who want their administration and tax declarations to be managed efficiently and in details but do not feel the need for frequent consultations.



  • Unlimited mutations
  • Access to the invoicing portal
  • Answers to all your questions via our collaborative board
  • Communication with the Belastingdienst
  • Full weekly accounting administration and control
  • VAT/ICP declarations
  • 3 quarterly review consultations
  • Annual balance sheet
  • Annual profit & loss statement
  • 1 consultation about the income tax declaration
  • Annual individual income tax declaration (simple)
  • Annual income tax declaration of your fiscal partner (simple)

the luxury choice, designed for advanced entrepreneurs who want their bookkeeper to be in charge of all their admininstration and tax-related tasks and worries, sit in their brain and give regular optimisation advice.

our terms and conditions


Practice has shown us that self-employed professionals should best switch from their current bookkeeper to a new one on January 1st. Indeed, this enables their current accountant to complete the work for the ongoing financial year and the new accountant to start with a clean sheet. However, we are happy to explore with you the option that best matches your needs and can onboard you at any start date of your choice. If you’re about to open your eenmanszaak at the KvK (Chamber of Commerce), we will of course be happy to support you starting Day 1.


We sell a monthly service invoiced quarterly at the start of every quarter.

Whatever the start date, note that we always invoice our bookkeeping per quarter (Jan-Mar / Apr-June / July-Sept / Oct-Dec), on the 1st day of every quarter.


the level of service we commit to, no matter what

tri-lingual interaction

you pick the language you feel at ease with, we adapt

fixed and predictable flat rate

no small letters: you pay us the same fee every month to do the work and answer your questions

individual attention

we have personal contact, know your business and give you unlimited advice within our scope of competence


we dedicate the time that is needed to every question, to every business, to every relationship

structured collaboration

we are available at anytime via our digital collaborative board

secured invoicing and bookkeeping system

your revenues and expenses are in one place


we do our best to answer you as quickly as we can every day


we commit to a didactic onboarding and follow-up guidance for recurring tasks and deadlines

Too good to be true? Then read below what our clients have to say about how they experience our bookkeeping services for their eenmanszaak in real life, outside of this website.

what our beloved clients say about our services

Cela fait deux ans que Guillaume m’accompagne sur ma comptabilité. Toujours de bon conseil, réactif et disponible, j’ai vite senti qu’on pouvait compter sur lui les yeux fermés. Il prend le temps d’expliquer et de s’assurer qu’on comprenne bien les choses. Quand il y a un sujet où il ne connaît pas la réponse, il prend le temps de chercher et de se renseigner. Je ne pouvais pas souhaiter mieux pour me sentir accompagnée dans cette aventure ! Le fait qu’il parle français est aussi un gros plus, car ces sujets sont parfois compliqués à gérer dans une autre langue.

Julie A.


I have benefited from the guidance and advice from Guillaume for four years as a freelancer for my company. I really appreciate the professionalism of Guillaume when it comes to support for my VAT and annual tax declaration. Guillaume helped me to lower the amount of my taxes since, due to errors from my part, I was not declaring all my deductible tax expenses. He also assisted me for my family taxes which proved immensely useful to navigate the Dutch tax system. All in all, I highly recommend Guillaume’s professionalism and friendly services.


Marc G.


I am very satisfied with Guillaume’s support, availability and speed in answering questions. I know that I can sleep on my two ears and focus on developing my business without having to worry about my administration. I thank him for that!


Clémence G.

Graphic Design

I’ve been working with Guillaume for three years. He’s been helping me, my wife and my mum with our three different companies on three totally different activities. He proved himself extremely agile and able to pick up the specifics of each activity really rapidly. It’s a great help to communicate in either English or French with him. He’s a great professional, very knowledgeable in the Dutch tax system and always very friendly and available. All the best for the future! Happy to continue our journey together!



La comptabilité est pour moi quelque chose d’ennuyeux. Je rêvais de pouvoir payer quelqu’un pour me rappeler les trucs à faire, à payer ou à envoyer. Je déteste ça. Mais Guillaume a mis tout en place pour que ce soit le plus simple possible. Envoyer par email mes factures à mesure qu’elles arrivent est juste ce qu’il me fallait. De plus, Guillaume parle français et ça simplifie grandement la communication. Tout devient simple et facile du coup. Son tempérament tranquille est vraiment rassurant pour moi. Bref, c’est chouette, merci grandement pour tout ça.

Jérémy B.


I’ve been looking for such a bookkeeper for ages and desperately need you.

Wonderful Me.

Entrepreneur in chief

our methodology for a 100% satisfying collaboration

There is no magic ingredient, it’s all about structure, dedication and consistency.


It all starts with an in-depth discovery meeting with the business owner that enables us to assess his needs when it comes to administration and bookkeeping and the best solution to cater for them.

Contract signature

Both parties sign a detailed contract that sets the expectations and stipulates the level of service that will be delivered. No small letters.


We organise a didactic session to show the entrepreneur how we will be collaborating on his dedicated Trello board, what is expected from him, how he will be getting reminders, how he can reach out to us at any time in case of questions, how he can use the invoicing tool etc...

Connected collaboration

We stay in touch via the Trello board and answer questions immediately when we have the answer readily available. If the answer requires some research on our side, we let the client know. There is no right or wrong moment to ask a question, there is no stupid question. Clients need their problems to be solved in order to move forward.

They trust us with their bookkeeping

the questions we often get

The monthly, quartely and yearly deadlines are clear. We know the rules and remind you on time what you need to do and share with us, so we can complete the work on time. All the communication related to your administration and tax declarations is managed on our collaborative Trello board. You don’t need to worry, we’ve got you covered.

Up to an excess of 10% of mutations, we will not apply any additional charges.

If you exceed the 10%, we will raise the package up to the next star package with an additional cost of €20 per month. This will be processed retrospectively.

Naturally, a notification letter will be sent in advance.

It can happen that, as a foreigner with a foot in different countries and continents, and sometimes as well a fiscal partner, you come up with questions that have more to do with cross-boarder taxation than with Dutch entrepreneurship rules. When the complexity of your questions requires the intervention and research of international tax experts, we are happy to put you in contact with reliable partners who have the appropriate knowledge and expertise.

If you don’t want to be involved in your bookkeeping at all, you can very well send us all your receipts and let us deal with them.

By sending us their documents digitally trough Informer Online, our clients and ourselves gain time. There are several easy ways to send administration documents digitally to our system. We will explain all that during the onboarding.

Even though all your expenses and invoices are uploaded in the bookkeeping tool, in case of a tax audit, the Belastingdienst can request to look into your administration up to 7 years backwards. You’re responsible to be able to hand over the administration to the Belastingdienst. Keeping the expenses and sale invoices yourself will help you to provide the Belastingdienst with the needed info. You can always download the expenses and sale invoices from Informer Online.

As an auto-entrepreneur, your priority is to focus on generating business, not on paying invoices. With 4 invoices a year instead of 12, we are saving you precious time and money. 

All our communication will be done online. Our communication interface is helping us keeping track of everything that needs to be done. A friendly tool that will improve your life!

We’ll most probably arrange one face-to-face meeting a year. Information will be sent in due course.


We'd be happy to have you in our books supposing there is a mutual fit!