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questions we often get

Een {one} mans {man} zaak {business}.

An eenmanszaak, as defined by the chamber of commerce (Kamer van Koophandel, also known as KvK), is a sole proprietorship. It is “a legal structure without legal personality. As sole trader you alone are responsible, and liable, for the company, its finances and its debts. You can only set up one sole proprietorship in the Netherlands, but you can operate under various trade names, perform different commercial activities and work from multiple premises.”

We ofter hear people say “I have a ZZP”. This is actually incorrect. Being a “zelfstandige zonder personeel”, translated as “independent with no staff”, is not a legal structure, but just a status. You can therefore BE a ZZP, but need to HAVE a legal entity such as an eenmanszaak or BV.

Now you understand why we say we serve ZZP’ers with an eenmanszaak, independant workers whose business legal entity is a sole proprietorship.

For now, de BoekhoudHoek only caters for the bookkeeping needs of eenmanszaken. We do not serve business owners who have a VOF or BV.

Like most self-funded and self-owned companies, we grow one step at a time and cannot play on several fields at the same time.

We serve solo entrepreneurs in the Netherlands (solopreneurs, expatpreneurs, mompreneurs, freelancers, independent workers, consultants, self-employed, startupers, you name them !) who work on their own and have registered their business at the Dutch chamber of commerce (KvK) as an eenmanszaak.

Our clients are from all nationalities, mother tongues and levels of entrepreneurial maturity, from freshly started to very experienced.

They operate across multiple industries, from paramedical to beauty, from art to architecture, from media consulting to design, from well-being to biology. We indeed have no specific industry focus.

Many of them do not speaking Dutch. Some of them are not familiar with the Dutch (tax) culture yet.

All of them are able to follow processes and show willingness to respect the rules.

We rather do not collaborate with entrepreneurs whose mindset is to escape taxes because we know from experience we don’t align very well.

Not at all! We’ll help you with the transfer by letting you know all the steps to take and the info we need from your current bookkeeper to start-up your administration at De BoekhoudHoek.

Practice has shown us that self-employed professionals should best switch from their current bookkeeper to a new one on January 1st. Indeed, this enables the current bookkeeper to complete the work for the ongoing financial year and the new bookkeeper to start with a clean sheet.

However, we are happy to explore with you the option that best matches your needs and can onboard you at any start date of your choice.

We don’t charge by the hour for spot assignments and specific questions. We dedicate our expertise to our existing clients, those whose bookkeeping we do. 

When our existing clients need support in their personal administrative endeavours, we are happy to provide them additional support and charge them the extra work though.

We’re based in Amsterdam but this is rather irrelevant since our business is now operating fully digitally. We actually interact with our clients via video meetings and Trello boards. Once a year, if Covid rules allow it, we organise a face-to-face meeting with each of our clients in a fancy meeting room, not too far from where they operate.

Kind words from some of our happy clients

Ma collaboration avec Guillaume me permet de me concentrer sur l’essentiel : mes patients. Il s’occupe de toute la comptabilité et des documents administratifs. Il prend le temps de contacter les services administratifs pour confirmer ses informations si besoin. Il fait toutes les déclarations à temps. N’étant pas néerlandophone, notre collaboration est précieuse pour mieux comprendre les méandres des taxes hollandaises. Son français est aussi un plus pour les Français expatriés.

Émilie C.


Working with you is a pleasure. You are very professional, educational and always available. You taught me how to better organise my accounting and provided an efficient platform for exchanging invoices. The deadlines are always met and accounting becomes a more pleasant task. Thank you again for your work.


Christelle G.

Graphic Design

I am delighted to work with Guillaume, I am a total beginner and I really didn’t know anything about it, he was always very patient and kind to me (despite my “simple” questions sometimes). And this was one of the most important criteria for me.


Manon B.


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