Your accountable [dream]team

a couple of Franco-Dutch entrepreneurs

We had been together for over a decade when we eventually listened to our small voices and jumped into the unknown world of family entrepreneurship towards more freedom and independence. Bingo! What if our combined experiences, expertise and personalities enabled us to take on us the burden of many other entrepreneurs (aka their bookkeeping and follow-up tax declarations) and make a living out of it? Because yes, strange as it may seem, we love admin, numbers, VAT details, and everything they imply in terms of tracking, follow up and organization.

With time, we have realized that being an entrepreneur is actually no more frightening than finding what you are good at, what makes you happy, what you believe the world needs and what the market can pay for. We have found our niche, as much as all our clients have. They rely on us as their supportive bookkeeper. We rely on them as loyal clients. 


Love and business stories can be easy sometimes!



Having a good bookkeeper is at the bottom of the entrepreneur’s pyramid of needs. It should therefore be a norm and the bookkeeper should pay for itself.


We structure the administration, take control of the tax declarations and give advice upon request to French, English and Dutch speaking entrepreneurs, owners of an eenmanszaak (sole proprietorship in the Netherlands).


Turn De BoekhoudHoek into the boutique bookkeeping bureau of reference for international entrepreneurs in the Netherlands with a satisfaction rate of 100%.


A friendly brand name, unpronounceable by non-Dutch, made of:


The word “boekhouding” means bookkeeping in Dutch.


Guillaume’s family name, “van den Hoek”, is literally translated as “from the corner” since a "hoek" is a corner.

De BoekhoudHoek

The combination of both words creates an un-intimidating bookkeeping bureau: “the bookkeeping corner”.
We like to see a corner as a whole, a unit made of two walls supporting each other to stand, creating a cosy comfort zone.

Christel Berrod

ZZP’ers Satisfaction Officer

Happy when things are tidy, organized and efficient, I am in my natural habitat when I create structure in our small company, manage its digital presence, onboard new clients, help them get clarity on the do’s and don’ts of their administration or answer their questions in no time.

“I accept the great adventure of being me.” - Simone de Beauvoir

Guillaume van den Hoek

Personable bookkeeper for international ZZP’ers

Numbers whizzard, uber excited when giving life to Excel files and discovering new tax rules, I am a people’s person who enjoys individual interactions with my clients and insights into their businesses.

“The goal is not simply to ‘work hard, play hard’. The goal is to make our work and our play indistinguishable.” - Simon Sinek

we speak in numbers

years of corporate finance
for Guillaume
years in NL and counting
for Christel
different nationalities in our clients
kg of family members on 2 and 4 feet
morning coffees before you can access Guillaume
km on the road per year to visit our families and friends

the business values that guide our behaviours and decisions


we ensure the small and big choices we make increase our feeling of freedom and alignment

Family first

being together matters to us - one of our life goals is to make steadily more time to be a partner, a parent, a friend who lives the moment


progress is nothing but a work in progress: we grab every occasion to test and learn, improve and transform with humility


transferring knowledge and sharing tips is at the core of what drives us - we endeavour to be didactic in our relationships and activities


we want to feel we're all in and give it all, by leveraging our talents and skills

Support to others

whenever we can be helpful, give a hand, participate, contribute, play a part or lighten a burden, we have the desire to be present


we want people to feel at first sight that they can count on us, and we equally appreciate relying on others with our eyes closed

Good mood

as imperfect as life may be, we are positive, happy and like humour - we therefore keep smiling

what our clients say about us

Hina T.


I am always happy to work with you! You are available and answer my questions on every financial issue in my business, which makes me feel better. We started working together after a very bad experience with an accounting firm that made several mistakes in my accounting. I needed to start from scratch, to feel that I was in control. You were very available and I immediately trusted you. You helped me to clarify my accounting and I was able to start again on a good basis. I like the fact that we do our income tax returns together in a video call, because now I understand how things work with the Dutch system. I still can’t do it alone, but at least it’s less confusing.
I don’t have any negative remarks to make, and I have recommended you to a friend who is starting her business.


Laura P.


Thank you for your responsiveness and professionalism. You are a great support in all circumstances. Your rigor and efficiency do not let you forget your good humour during meetings. Thank you for being as pleasant as you are efficient!


Florence P.


are we the type of people you want to be surrounded by in your business?

We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.