A good bookkeeper pays for itself.

We uncomplexify the business administration and tax declarations of international entrepreneurs in the Netherlands with our relation-centered bookkeeping services that actually do not cost a dime.

A good bookkeeper pays for itself.

We un-complexify the business administration and tax declarations of international entrepreneurs in the Netherlands with our relation-centered bookkeeping services that actually do not cost a dime.

How do we serve ZZP'ers?

Whatever the volume of transactions in your small business, the complexity of what you deal with, the level of advice you want, we will create a personal business relationship and answer your questions in due course. Just pick the package that matches your expectations:


the no-brainer choice

For owners of starting or small (even KOR) businesses with low admin complexity, limited number of transactions but lots of questions.


the comfortable choice

For mature entrepreneurs who want their administration and tax declarations to be managed efficiently and in details but do not feel the need for frequent consultations.


the luxury choice

For advanced entrepreneurs who want their bookkeeper to be in charge of all their admininstration and tax-related tasks and worries, sit in their brain and give regular optimisation advice.


How do we interact with small business owners?

We’re here to support entrepreneurs on their success and happiness journey in the Netherlands. We adapt to what works best to improve the efficiency of their daily business life and therefore offer our services in three languages:


the mainstream business language in the Netherlands

If you master business English, we’ll answer all your bookkeeping and tax questions in English. A serious stress relief!


one of our mother tongues, ohlala

Si vous ne maîtrisez que le français, toutes nos interactions se feront dans votre langue pour que vous soyez parfaitement à l’aise. Le rêve !


after all, we're Dutch as well

Wilt u liever gewoon in het nederlands communiceren? Dat kan ook!

We've decoded entrepreneurs' wildest dreams

and guess what… we’ve found them absolutely legitimate and decided they’d become De BoekhoudHoek standard!
We are perfectly aligned!

the level of service we commit to

tri-lingual interaction

you pick the language you feel at ease with, we adapt

fixed and predictable flat rate

no small letters: you pay us the same fee every month to do the work and answer your questions

individual attention

we have personal contact, know your business and give you unlimited advice within our scope of competence


we dedicate the time that is needed to every question, to every business, to every relationship

structured collaboration

we are available at anytime via our digital collaborative board

secured invoicing and bookkeeping system

your revenues and expenses are in one place


we do our best to answer you as quickly as we can every day


we commit to a didactic onboarding and follow-up guidance for recurring tasks and deadlines

Nobody’s perfect, but it doesn’t prevent us from doing everything that’s in our power to be the best bookkeeper for ZZP’ers and committing to satisfying fully each of our clients. Call it work ethic, this is our vocation.

By entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

We are a boutique bookkeeping practice for [mostly non-Dutch speaking] entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. What started for our bookkeeper-in-chief as an after-working-hours-passion turned into a family business supporting small business owners in their administrative and tax tasks.

Like many of our clients, we decided one day to take on a challenge whose success would translate into positive contribution to the economy, financial reward for both our clients and ourselves and increased freedom for our family.

Our dear clients speak up

Guillaume and I have been working together for 3 years now. He’s always available and helpful when I have specific questions about the Dutch tax system. We communicate either in English or French, which makes our interactions much easier. He’s very professional and friendly! And I’m happy to continue working together in the future.

Delphine B.


I’ve been working with Guillaume for three years. He’s been helping me, my wife and my mum with our three different companies on three totally different activities. He proved himself extremely agile and able to pick up the specifics of each activity really rapidly. It’s a great help to communicate in either English or French with him. He’s a great professional, very knowledgeable in the Dutch tax system and always very friendly and available. All the best for the future! Happy to continue our journey together!




Expat aux Pays-Bas ne parlant pas la langue et toute nouvelle entrepreneuse ZZP, j’avais absolument besoin de trouver quelqu’un bilingue Français / Dutch qui puisse me guider en toute confiance. Guillaume est à l’écoute, attentif et proactif, il vous guide sereinement et simplement et toutes les tâches administratives et comptables. Son éthique est irréprochable et ses conseils avisés me sont devenus indispensables. Sa patience et sa gentillesse rendent les tâches administratives tellement plus simples. Un grand merci !


Noémie G.

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They trust us with their bookkeeping

Upcoming conferences

In order to share our precious knowledge and help more entrepreneurs with their bookkeeping, we organise or take part in conferences now and then, online or offline. If you’d like to attend one of those upcoming lectures, we’ll be happy to welcome you.

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If you can’t pronounce our brand name but do need great value-for-money bookkeeping for the long run ; if you don’t want to worry about your business admin or tax declarations anymore… let us be your preferred bookkeeper.

Edit 01-2024: We currently have the capacity to onboard new clients.